After giving it a much thought, life is still a hectic circle of chores and enduring pains..in my opinion.

Looks like an alarm clock that rings on certain times when it was set to feel some pain,to gain some happiness,to say goodbye  and welcome…,to be born or to be dead,to be a star moment of life or most embarising moment

Committing  a sin or doing good deed,making your life wondering if there is some God who set all these things for you in life alarm clock or just having some chill time to spend it as in a way it is spending…..


Happy Mother’s day

what is the best moment with your mother you can remember ?

If its a question that will be asked from me then i would say that however i cannot remember this vivid moment but hopefully my mother has this moment and i love that fact that she smile and laugh because of me and that the day of my birth when she holds me in her arms for the first time !!

Being a girl you go through all that phases that she bear from leaving parental home to become a parent in your own home,which is just a house until a little creature enters in that and make it home and complete family.


Happiness can only be felt,we never buy it

With every passing day our attitude towards happiness become more and more lavish.We find something that cool down our fierce urges but that’s not what we should name happiness.I am not talking about money only…its every thing that circumstances make us retain from getting to that point but somehow we mange or we were forced in order to become happy, and from those moments on definition of happiness starts to change..we even find comfort ,satisfaction and entertainment from things that in past doesn’t matter to us a lot

A blink of light is all that one can see in utter dark without knowing its sunlight or glare of mirrorhappiness_in_bubbles_by_reinkarnationen.jpg

Window Seat!

There is always a fight between sibling,with one family to other or with any third person who tries to sit at window side seat whatever the transportation mean was available…i mean who didn’t? Many family stories of love and hate sometimes arise from this third world war.

Likewise same goes with me as my age doesn’t matter for this lifetime ,nonstop battle. so as I conquer that mighty seat, i start to wonder now what reforms i can do with this kingdom?As i am listening to my music i start to observe side ways cars,vans,buses,trucks and bikes

No!!  i m not fond of new model cars and that type of things so i start to observe their drawings,their poetry and their music collection….then i start to analyze what these Ata Ullah Issa khalwi sketch means? those fictional horses and hawks and irregular phrases of poetry?

All that i can study from these, that their social and personal life made them to do so…

They are thousand miles away from their families and loved ones for ROZGAR so its natural to put their frustration in some art which could be painting or some irresistible music collection or that black shoe hanging at the rare side……these people quietly making some culture without having luxurious ramp walks and art displays.There is a sip of love and harmony in their KARK Dhoud pati, a peaceful scene of noise in their music and deep wounds of life in their painting and sketches.Their truck art is not less than a abstract piece of art, plus their audience and viewers are from every where at national scale.

These people just not carry our goods and supplies but also these are loaded with immense variations of our culture,they just need a eye, a eye of appreciation,respect of their profession,their passion and responsibility they are giving to us continuously.


Some days ago,randomly while cleaning my room i found that antique red coloured tape recorder…

The first thing that strikes in my flashback memory was that i used to listen “cassette kahani” with my siblings on this antique piece in my childhood . The voice that remained vivid in my memory was mr.Qazi Wajid. (😇 RIP)

From these voices to actual onscreen plays of PTV, he was one of the main reason why i love to see his dramas on CD ,DVD or on internet.He was the person close to the hearts of many.There are very less people who you can feel exact family feel of pain when they left this world and after mr. Moin Akhther and now him i can grief deeply as that my own two members of family or relative died.May Allah give strength to the family of mr. Qazi to bear his loss and May Allah give him highest ranks of jannah INSHALLAH. 😇😢

ڈھونڈو گےاگر ملکوں ملکوں

ملنے کے نہیں ،نایاب ہیں ہم

From nothing to something

There was a time where the view was stairs ,when looked up… long set of staircase and blurriness and down there was standing some soul may be called you

You are the person that need this valour,

you are the person who is the knight of war

you are the person who conquer the world

you are the person who win the hearts of many

you are the person who battles the difficulties

you are the person who sacrifice for others

you are the person who HAVE TO TAKE THE STAIRS

you are the person who needs to see that view

getup poor soul !!

listen that unorthodox chord of piano when you stepping up

doesn’t feel like to dance with it?? yes compose yourself and fasten yourself passenger! because the journey you are going to take will make you from nothing to something.

Describe yourself ?

Describe yourself. and first thing is.. wait! what? me? what on earth i have to answer that :/ ok may name is XYZ now here comes my academic and job description and even address but…. question is describe the person which is you

Ohhh that one is sir i don’t know because i never thought about it once in my life.People know me by my name,my status,my brands,my money,my Luxurious lifestyle.Doesn’t it sound enough for you sir?Frankly speaking sir i don’t have time for exploring myself and tell you the detailed me! .i am me and that’s it ^_^ :/

But is it really? for me young man, you are rude :/ 😦 do you know why?

Because we as a society need each other and while helping among ourselves we raise some qualities that help us out exploring who we are.You must be kind,you must be loving,caring,creative,leader ,you must be Human with humanity my dear friend 😉 :).You cannot take things that you told me with you in your grave but brother you can take these qualities with you even in life hereafter.

Now audit yourself and Describe yourself 🙂  ^_^